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Adam Williams with Wu YiAdam Williams has been living and working in China for more than twenty years. He has served as the Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce in China and been awarded an OBE for services to Sino-British trade. He offers an unrivalled perspective and commentary into all aspects of China’s business, economics and politics.

Read an excerpt from Doing Business in China, a talk given to Rohm and Haas in Shanghai, 20 Sept 2006.

Other speeches Adam Williams has made recently on China-related business, politics and economics:

CCP 17th Party Congress – Whose China?

(China Forum, 20 November 2007)

China Abroad

Chinese shoe factory in Spain

(China Forum, 13 March 2007)

China’s Next Standing Committee – A Political and Economic Overview

China’s Next Standing Committee

(Hong Kong British Chamber of Commerce, 14 February 2007)

Construction in China

Construction in China

(Tsinghua University, 7 December 2006)

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