The Many Faces of Coincidence by Laurence Browne

Book Launch at The Avid Reader Bookshop, Brisbane, Australia, 4th September 2017

It is more than an honour to be here today because Laurence is my oldest friend – probably there’s nobody on the planet except his brothers who have known him as long, and it is an enormous pleasure to be able to participate in the launch of his first book, which I consider to be a masterpiece. […]

Walking with Kami on the Kumano-Kodo

On October 20th 2016, with two other Englishmen in their sixties, carrying back packs and wearing stout boots, I set off from the town of Tanabe to strike a path through the mountain ranges of Japan’s Wakayama Prefecture. Our week-long journey would take us through the southern third of the Kii Peninsula that drops down […]

Hong Ying brings out sequel to her autobiography ‘Daughter of the River’ on Amazon – available now!

‘Good Children of the Flower’, Hong Ying’s sequel to her autobiography ‘Daughter of the River’ is now available on Amazon

Sybil’s Ship

Adam and Hong Ying’s eight year old daughter, Sybil, holds up the model she fashioned of Henry VIII’s greatest warship, the Mary Rose, which in 1545 sank in the Solent, drowning 700 sailors and soldiers.

Adam’s brother, Piers Williams, exhibits his paintings at Beijing’s Zezhong Gallery

Zezhong Gallery are pleased to host the exhibition The Essence of Flowers by the English artist Piers Williams. The exhibition will include previously unexhibited painting exploring the mystery and beauty of flowers. Among the paintings are beautiful large and small naturalistic paintings of peonies and other flowers, using traditional oil painting techniques, bring modern screen […]

Merry Christmas 2015 and Happy New Year 2016

Merry Christmas 2015 and Happy New Year 2016 from Adam, Hong Ying and Sybil.

Camino – Walking the pilgrimage trail to Santiago di Compostela with Adam Williams

From 30th September to 14th October I walked with friends along one of the old pilgrim trails to Santiago di Compostela. This shrine in Spain’s Northwestern Province of Galicia has been the destination of Christian pilgrims for 1000 years. In the great Cathedral lies the body of St James, Son of Zebedee, one of the […]

The China Dream: Past, Present & Future

The China Dream: Past, Present & Future – a recent business speech given by Adam Williams

Being Sixty Two – Catching Up with Time

On Friday morning I took my eight-year-old daughter for her first ride this summer. We drove down into the river valley, then up the other side, cresting a hill with panoramic views of the Sibillini Mountains on one side and the sea on the other. We descended past hay-bearing tractors down a steep track, through […]

Modern twist on ancient legends

“Ancient legends get a modern twist thanks to a popular novelist from Chongqing. Xing Yi reports. Hong Ying left her hometown, Chongqing, at a young age, but the novelist and poet returns to the southwestern city of China again and again in her books – from her well-known autobiography Daughter of the River to her […]