Being Sixty Two – Catching Up with Time

On Friday morning I took my eight-year-old daughter for her first ride this summer. We drove down into the river valley, then up the other side, cresting a hill with panoramic views of the Sibillini Mountains on one side and the sea on the other. We descended past hay-bearing tractors down a steep track, through […]

Modern twist on ancient legends

“Ancient legends get a modern twist thanks to a popular novelist from Chongqing. Xing Yi reports. Hong Ying left her hometown, Chongqing, at a young age, but the novelist and poet returns to the southwestern city of China again and again in her books – from her well-known autobiography Daughter of the River to her […]

The Legend of Liya

Launch of Hong Ying’s new children’s book The Legend of Liya combined with an exhibition of illustrator Cherry Denman’s paintings

  • The time: 14:00 on April 30
  • The place: BAYU Culture Centre, No.85, Fourth Zhongshan Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing.
  • The contact person: Qu Tingjuan, the Curator of BAYU Culture Centre
  • The contact number: 15902307011
  • Email?

Watch out for Hong Ying’s poetical children’s story

Published in both Chinese and English, The Girl from the French Fort is Hong Ying’s first children’s book.

With illustrations by Cherry Denman.

Family Portraits

Portraits of Adam Williams, Hong Ying and their daughter, Sybil, were recently painted by the Italian artist, Marco Fulvi.

Visit to Villa Farnesina, Trastevere, Rome

Photos by Deborah Swain

Hong Ying and Hou Dejian discuss ‘Why My Heartland is Still the 1980s’

At the Xin Zhou Kan Magazine’s Study Salon held in their office in Beijing on 6th April, a Chinese novelist and a Taiwanese singer met after many years to reminisce nostalgically about their formative years as poets and performers during China’s 1980s. Hong Ying who left home in 1980 to travel round China for a […]

A Birthday in Force – Compleanno a Force

Yesterday my good friend, Filippo Pucci, celebrated his 70th birthday in La Vecchia Posta Restaurant in Force.

Ieri il mio buon amico, Filippo Pucci, ha celebrato il suo 70° compleanno al Ristorante La Vecchia Posta a Force.

Dawn in Le Marche

The winter dawns are so much clearer than in summer. I never knew I could see both the Gran Sasso mountains 100 km away in Abruzzo, and the Sibillini Mountains (the two highest ranges in the Appennini at over 2000 M), from the window of my study.

The Feast of San Antonio

Couldn’t resist stepping out of hermitdom yesterday (I’ve locked myself up in my mountain home in Italy trying to finish off a book) to join the rest of the villagers in the local amenities hall for the traditional Feast of San Antonio. Before the feast the contadini bring their animals – dogs, cats, cows, sheep, […]