Literary and Historical Speeches and Events

Adam Williams, besides being a novelist, is also an accomplished speaker on literary and historical topics related to his writing.

Speeches that Adam Williams has given in recent years

After Dinner Speech at the Legation QuarterRead full speech online
(Beijing Literary Festival, 13th March 2009)
Beijing Lit Fest 2009

The Dragon’s Tail
(The Beijing Bookworm, 20 November 2007)
The Dragon’s Tail

The Warlord Years in China and Family History
(The Shanghai Expatriates Association, 16 May 2007)
At the beach - the warlord years in China

History and a Good Story Read an extract
(Hong Kong Literary Festival, 14 March 2007)
History and a good story - catechism

China of the Warlords and the First Communist Revolution
(The Asia Society, June 2006)
The first communist revolution in China

The Emperor’s Bones – Theme and Imagery in a Historical Novel Read an extract
(The Beijing Bookworm – March 2006)
The Emperor’s Bones

The Boxer Rebellion – History and Memory
(The Royal Geographical Society, Hong Kong, March 2004)
The Boxer Rebellion

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